The Cubes of memory in Llanes

This sculptures, developed on the concrete blocks of the Llanes port defensive breakwater. Developed by Agustin Ibarrola according to his interpretation the “llaniscos” (people from Llanes) landscape, culture, and way of life along the history.

Tito Bustillo Cave

Located in Ribadesella, is one of the most large sanctuaries of paleolithic art in Europe. Besides the inside guided route you can visit, also you can visit the Rupestre Art Center of Tito Bustillo, situated so close from the cave.

Jurassic Museum in Colunga

This museum is located in a privileged place, on the oriental asturian coast, at Rasa of Saint Telmo in Colounga. MUJA, as it is called the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, welcomes all the better samples of this world and shows and teach to the public all the aspects and complete world of dinosaurs life.

Real site of Covadonga

Visit “The Santina” (as Virgin of Covadonga is called) is obliyed. This Virgin is Patron Saint of asturias and is located ina cave situated in Covadonga, council of Cangas de Onís.