Santa Ana

In Naves is celebrated on July 25th and 26 th . On the 25th it takes place the plantation of the bonfire in the morning, and on the evening the famous “espicha” , with 3000 liters of free cider spreaded for people. The 26th o is “the main day”, and it takes place “the procession” and the regional dances on the street. Highlight the musical show, always with prestigious artists.

Saint Antolín

Is the other grate party of the place of Naves. It is hold September 1st and 2nd. On the 1st it takes place the plantation of the bonfire, there is a donkeys career and games for the children. On the 2nd day , the main one, it takes place the procession, regional dances on the street , the traditional lunch at the “Castañedu” (Monastery of Saint Antolín) and at night a great party with an special musical show.

International descent of Sella River (Canoes Party)

This celebration is declared as international touristic interest. It is held the first weekend following the 2nd of Agust and is not only an indispensable date for all canoe lovers, but also supposes one of the more important parties of Asturias. It takes place in Arriondas and Ribadesella, exit and arrival of the descent . It is an impressive magnitude party, highlighting the river and the great affluence of public.

Virgen del Carmen day (Carmen Virgin´s day)

Is a holiday which takes place on July, the 15th and 16th in Hontoria. This beautiful town is situated 2 km from Naves, and the party highlights its familiar environment, the “espicha” time, child games, asturian music, dances with regional custumes etc.

El Cristo del Nuevo Amparo (The Christ of the Protection)

Celebrated on September 13th and 14th in Nueva de Llanes town. It is a charming party with a great affluence of people and a mass celebration and traditional procession, that is necessary to mention. Fiesta de la Blanca (Party of “The White”) in Nueva. This nice party is celebrated on the 7th and 8th of September. It has got all the traditional attractives of the asturian party and folklore, original regional dances, fair, etc.

Loreto Party/The party of wine

This party is celebrated in Llamigo, situated close to Nueva town. The date is September 9th and counts with a solemn mass, traditional sports games and a sympathetic and singular pilgrimage, in which everyone participates dressed in white and taking any gadget capable to throw red wine.

Santa Olaya party in Villahormes

This party is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of August in Villahormes town, 1 Km from Naves. This party has got all the traditional asturian elements and a fair, which closes with the famous garlic soups and borona (baked cornmeal cake filing of sausage and bacon).