Bedón River

Perfect to fish Trouts. This river is formed by the rivers Güera Mere, Las Cabras and Caldueño, falls into the beach of Saint Antolín. It supposes a great incentive for trout fishing fans in Asturias.

Purón River

It is born at mountain range of Cuera and leads in the jar and falls at the Bocal. Along its course we find a pedestrian way of 4 km of length (2 km of way and 2 km of return).

The Bufones of Pria and Arenillas (Geological natural formations tipical of coastal areas)

Are Natural Chimneys open on a rock cliff , connected with marine siams, where the waves of the sea push with great force, and form surface pumps of water spray visible since the outside, reaching sometimes more than twenty meters of height. We can highlight two important areas to see this phenomenon; the Pría ones, nearby Guadamía beach and the ones in Arenillas, in Vidiago village, 8 km from Llanes.

Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe)

This National Park is the second most visited Park in Spain. This mountainous massif highlights because its summits and landscapes steep, and its proximity to the sea makes indispensable the visit.

Naranjo de Bulnes

Also called Picu Uriellu, is located in the Picos de Europa central massif of the peaks. It has an altitude of 2.519 meters and, although it is not the highest peak of the Cantabrico mountain range, it is considered one of the most well known.

Route of Cares

Located inside the Peaks of Europe National Parck. This track among Cain and Poncebos villages, through the defile of Cares river, constitutes an spectacular attraction hiking lovers and geologists.

Lakes of Covadonga

The Peaks of Europe National Parck counts with an other jewel, as the park of Covadonga and its lakes is. We find the Enol lake, the Ercina Lake and one smaller one; the Bricial lake. These lakes are glaciers lagoons produced from the thaw in the mountains.