Located in the Valley of Saint George, at Llanes municipality. It is a small and charming town, it counts with bars and restaurants , and a very cordial environment and people. Naves counts with two of the more important parties at east asturian area; Santa Ana and Saint Antolín.


Is the capital of the council and counts with more than 30 beautiful beaches. Llanes, as its beautiful places and villages, counts with many and great parties specially in july, august and september. Highlights “The Cubes of The Memory” situated at the port, and made by the artist Augustine Ibarrola.

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Is a beautiful marine village, 25 km from Llanes. Highlight its beach Santa Marine, its gastronomy and its parties; the more important one “the international descent of Sella river”.

Cangas de Onis.

The villa of Cangas de Onís is the capital of council (Cangas de Onís Council) It was the capital of kingdom of Asturias until the year 774. Highlights its proximity to the Sanctuary and Lakes of Convadonga (Peaks of Europe National Park) and its famous prestige as trout and salmon fishing area into its rivers.